CTM 2015 - Un Tune

Over the last 16 years, the CTM Festival has been exploring the opportunities and boundaries of music with outstanding concerts and performances. The programme not only opens up unusual spaces of experience, it also interrogates contemporary music for its critical potential with regard to cultural and social discourse. 

Under the title “Un Tune – Exploring Sonic Affect” this year’s festival explores the physical experience of frequencies, sound and music. The main points of interest are phenomena such as bio-acoustics, ambient, flicker, brain entertainment, binaural beats, biofeedback, psycho-acoustics, neo-psychedelics, hypnotic repetition, noise, and sub-bass vibrations. The artists represented at the festival make use of the affective potential of sounds, frequencies and images. In doing so they move closer to both human and non-human bodies in a way that is as unsettling as it is emphatic. 

The adventurous programme begins with the premiere of a work that the Soundwalk Collective conceived together with American photographer Nan Goldin and the video artist Tina Frank. Titled “A Memoir of Disintegration” the piece is based on texts by the New York artist and activist David Wojnarowicz. The frequencies generated by Thomas Ankersmit’s modular synthesizer encourage our ears to “hallucinate” their own tones. Rose Kallal and Mark O Pilkington combine dissonant drones and abstract psychedelic film experiments into a disorienting stream of consciousness. 

Throughout the following eight days, works by artists such as Lucio Capece, Pierce Warnecke & Matthew Biedermann, Electric Indigo & Thomas Wagensommerer, Marcus Schmickler, Emptyset, TeZ, Sol Rezza, Pierre Alexandre Tremblay and TCF promise intensive experiments with effective potential, using various means to facilitate decentralised, perhaps even transgressive experiences. And in concerts by Jenny Hval & Susanna, Simian Mobile Disco or Craig Leon, the letter of which contributed to creating the unique sounds of Suicide, Blondie and the Ramones, aspects of pop will certainly not go missing. 

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The CTM 2015 Festival is funded by Hauptstadtkulturfonds, Initiative Musik, Federal Agency for Civic Education, European Union Programme: Culture, Creative Europe Programme of the European Union, Mondriaan Funds, Goethe-Institut, Federal Foreign Office.