Cena 11 / Alejandro Ahmed

Monotonia de Aproximação e Fuga para sete Corpos / Monotony of Approach and Fugue for Seven Bodies

Part of the festival Projeto Brasil - The Sky Is Already Falling 


50 min

For several years Cena 11 has been researching the conditions of the physical existence of the body, for which the company developed the concept of the ‘Voodoo Body,’ where the performers' movements are triggered by something beyond their will. Similar to the form of the musical composition called ‘fugue,’ dance and movement establish a ritual in which, to assert oneself, one must always be the other. New paths and possible worlds are revealed.
Trailer "Monotony of Approach and Fugue for Seven Bodies"
Production: Cena 11.


Künstlerische Leitung und Choreografie: Alejandro Ahmed / Cena 11 / Performance und Choreografie: Aline Blasius, Anderson do Carmo, Edú Reis, Jussara Belchior, Karin Serafin, Marcos Klann, Mariana Romagnani, Natascha Zacheo / Soundtrack und Koordination/ Management Bühne: Hedra Rockenbach / Assistenz künstlerische Leitung und Entwicklung: Mariana Romagnani / Assistenz künstlerische Leitung, Kostüme und Proben: Karin Serafin / Assistenz Proben: Malú Rabelo / Musik: Johann Sebastian Bach, Fugue nº 22 / Klavier: Alberto Heller / Kostüme und Ausstattung: Roberto Gorgatti / Technische Vorbereitung/ Entwicklung: Jurerê Sports Center


  • Past
    Sat 18.6.2016, 18:00 / HAU1
    Sat 18.6.2016, 21:00 / HAU1
    Sun 19.6.2016, 18:00 / HAU1
    Sun 19.6.2016, 21:00 / HAU1


Production: Cena 11.


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