Houseclub presents: Bogdan Georgescu

Der unwahrscheinliche Fall

Part of the festival The Aesthetics of Resistance – Peter Weiss 100


60 minutes

All Germans are kartoffeln. All Arabs are dogs. All Romanians are thieves.

"The Unlikely Event" is an Active Art project that explores the vulnerabilities and forms of discrimination to which the participants - 23  teenage voices of largely Turkish descent living in Kreuzberg - could be potentially exposed to or potentially manifest towards others. A violent incident doesn’t necessarily have to leave one disabled or dead in order to be extremely harmful. Laughing back, talking to family, talking to friends, teachers, speaking out, blowing the whistle, investigating, educating and standing firmly against any kind of discrimination becomes our resistance.


Künstlerische Leitung: Bogdan Georgescu / Mit den Schüler*innen der 9A2:: Rabia Rüdiger, Yusuf Yilmaz, Görkem Uslu, Malak Issa, Enes Kök, Çağatay Kurt, Dardan Elezi-Grabia, Karima Fayad, Anika Mittfeld, Vanessa Hokic, Hatice Eren, Elanur Kaya, Kadir Yilmaz, Ahmad El-Talgi, Marcel Kath, Sherin El-Touki, Abdellatif Assaf, Amani F / Künstlerische Assistenz: Franka Müller, Lidia Veljanova / Porjektleitung Schule: Benita Bandow / Projektleitung HAU: Ciprian Marinescu


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