Houseclub presents: Bogdan Georgescu


In collaboration with students of Hector-Peterson-School


German / approx. 60 minutes

“Reboot” explores the concept of “identity” and questions its relevance. Who are you? Who might you be? Why do we focus primarily on difference? How much is one willing to reveal? Is our identity defined by the others in an attempt to place us in a specific preexisting box?

Who profits from labeling people? How do we get rid of these labels? In this piece, we’ll keep the questioning process open to prevent the creation of an identity. You’ll listen to imagined future identities while exploring today’s realities together with the students of the Hector Peterson School in “the labyrinth of transformation.”


Author: Bogdan Georgescu / Set design: Dan Lancea


  • Past
    Thu 16.3.2017, 18:00 / HAU3 Houseclub
    Fri 17.3.2017, 11:00 / HAU3 Houseclub


Part of “Houseclub”.

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