Nyabinghi Lab: “Freistaat Barackia – Landscapes of Liberation”

Fetewei Tarekegn: “Minority Report”

German and English
from 9.10.2021, 17:00

In his podcasts Tarekegn challenges discourses of appropriations of the marginalised experiences and widens perspectives of conflict and difference. Taking on Fanon’s position, he rejects the singular narrative of the migrant as presented in mainstream institutional frameworks and invites audiences to re-think on their privileges and contributions to unequal economies. This episode of ‘Minority Report’ featuring a conversation with Kenyan artist Shabu Mwangi sets the anchor to archiving experiences at the margins and the precarities and impact of artistic practice in public urban spaces in Berlin and Nairobi. They discuss the ways in which artistic exchanges & practices have changed during the pandemic addressing its struggles and ways to connect with historical interventions through sonic disobedience & heritage, on restitution and reparation.

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