Dan Perjovschi

From the Museum Wall to Facebook Wall and Back

Im Rahmen von "Good Guys Only Win in Movies"


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“I do simple direct political drawings. I do them in museums, books, newspapers, streets and on Facebook. The lecture will follow my transition from my training in academic painting to a free style of drawing, from painting on canvas to drawing on walls, from a dictatorial society to a democratic one. My practice is based on experience and not on theory. Lots of accidents and shortage of stuff have changed the way I think and do art. I choose drawing by instinct and develop it into a performative practice, both in the art scene and in the public space. Lately my drawings were downloaded from Facebook and used in protests and activist movements across the globe. I found myself in the position of a drawing provider. No art museum can give you that. I was born in 1961, the same year Berlin Wall was erected. I am still standing.”

Dan Perjovschi


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    Sa 8.11.2014, 18:30 / HAU2

HAU3000 / Positionen, Projekte, Publikationen

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